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Hunting Arete Podcast

Sep 2, 2021

In this episode I am joined by Ross from High Caliber, an Australian owned and supplier of Aussie made gun cleaning products.

With a background in hunting Ross knew there were improvements to be had.

Aug 4, 2021

I talk with Tasmanian couple Tracey and Wayne Turale on their experiences of hunting, their involvement in the sport, gear and the numerous hunts they have done in the US.

No, Tracey and Wayne are not a rich. They just saved hard to follow their passion in life and built lifelong friendships on chance meetings. 

We can...

Jun 30, 2021

If we were to distill what we love about hunting, or indeed any other pursuit, it is the experiences. Indeed experiences, and where they occur for Hunters are similar for other pursuits. I talk with Fly Fisher and author Greg French on the similarities, why they are important to us, and the complexity in the whole...

Jun 9, 2021

Be it the US, NZ, Canada or Australia, hunting , getting there, and earning a crust to make it happen is all part of the adventure of life.  I talk with Montana resident Josh Keller about how its done in the Nor-west of USA.                                                                          Thanks for...